Words of Success from our Athletes

Coach Serge is a great coach. I have been training and working with him this season. He had developed drills and movement that have greatly improved my game. His sessions are intense and full of energy. I enjoy working with Coach Serge.

Ahmed Y. Player

I trained with Coach Serge for years. I have vastly improved my on ball skills, peripheral awareness, shooting and endurance thanks to these trainings.

Roberson R. Player

I’ve been training with coach Serge for a long time. It’s been a delight for me to train in a fun and educational environment where I was to get better day by day and drill after drill, with Coach Serge Coaching me throughout the drills to help me by teaching his Game IQs. The program met my needs as a player because in the program the focus is individual on a team aspect.

Schneider A. Player

Coach Serge is phenomenal coach that I give full credit to in helping me become a better player on the pitch. His approach, realistic drills are tailored towards game related situations has helped me better understand the game.

Christian M Player

I started with Coach Serge since I was 6 years old. He has been great in helping me with my footwork and speed. I’m now able to play up a division and with confidence.

Cartier E. Player

Coach Serge helped me better my soccer defense skills and control of the ball. He made different drills every practice. He is a great coach!

Enzo V. Player

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Coach Serge is an excellent coach that consistently pushes me to give my everything during practice. His attention to details on getting the basics, forms, awareness, and vision downright has led me improve my soccer IQ and being a well-rounded elite player on the pitch!

Sebastian M. Player

Coach Serge helped me become a better player with all the intense and precision drills he puts me through. He makes me do things the right way and will not accept mediocre training. I am a more confident player because Coach Serge cares about my training and performance.

Elijah W. Player

I’ve been playing and training with coach Serge for a while. I drastically became a better player with those training, improved by a lot with my movement on and off the ball tactically and technically!

Didier J.B. Player

Coach Serge’s practices are very intense and well thought out. I take a lot of quality touches on the ball from passes and crosses. Coach Serge takes soccer seriously and he is a very respectable person.

Sam Player

Coach Serge is very good at explaining the steps for the training, he is very patient and he motivates me a lot to train more!

Antonio D.C. Player

Coach Serge has really helped me step up my game. I have done amazing drills with him that has helped my footwork. He’s the best Coach I’ve had in my 12 years.

Landon W. Player

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